About us

The recent growth in the sport of Canicross across Cymru (Wales) has shown a need for uniting the various social groups and structured clubs all together. Canicross Cymru is a Community and will always be open to receive suggestions and feedback, in order to enhance and promote the sport here in Wales, the UK, in Europe and the World.

We felt that the first step in uniting the groups and clubs across Wales was to create a performance running top which reflected the true nature of the sport and heritage of Wales, giving runners a sense of enormous national pride.

The journey began in Autumn 2018, 15 individuals from various regions in Wales answered the call, and from that day forward formed a kit-team to create the ‘Canicross Cymru’ jersey!

The Design Brief

1. Not for profit (cost price clothing)
2. Designed by volunteers from various regions in Wales
3. To be identifiable as Welsh Canicross clothing
4. Ladies, men’s and children’s fit options
5. T-shirt and vest style options
6. Clothing to be produced by Sublimation (design dyed into fabric)
7. Preferable – Welsh clothing supplier
8. Sponsors to be relevant to the clothing being produced (preferable -Welsh or Welsh connections)
9. Sponsorship money to subsidise purchase cost of clothing (not for profit)

Through blood, sweat and tears and many a typed word, the task has been finally achieved in January 2019. Welsh runners will now be easily identified at events and races, and will have a greater sense of belonging to an unique canicross community.

Driven by an enthusiastic and passionate team, our aim is to deliver on our promise of creating a performance running top for Canicross runners in Wales, and going forward with the aim to further promote this fantastic sport to the wider community. It is an exciting time to be part of the sport!